Jones - Lawton Mausoleum (1850), Laurel Grove North Cemetery, Savannah, GA

  • Conditions assessment and recommendations 


Accomack County Courthouse (1899) and Accomack County Debtors Prision (1782), Accomac, VA

  • Conditions assessment and recommendations of both structures


Hamilton Plantation Slave Cabins (1833) St. Simon's Island, Georgia

  • Otherwise known as the Cassina Slave Cabins
  • Historic lime stucco and plaster restoration 
  • Installation of red cedar shake roof
  • Historic tabby restoration 
  • Sub-grade water proofing 
  • Chimney and fireplace stabilization 
  • Design, building and installation of period mortise and tenon long leaf pine window and door frames, doors and shutters


Telfair Academy (1819) 121 Barnard St. Savannah, Georgia

  • Complete restoration of the exterior 
    • Stucco, decorative stucco, decorative stone, brownstone, decorative metal and decorative painting (gold leafing) restoration
    • Restoration of marble plaque above main entrance 


The Cotton Exchange (1886) Savannah, Georgia 

  • Conditions analysis of front facade (south facade)
  • Selective terra cotta removals and proper storage for restoration project to take place at a later date
  • Decorative interior plaster restoration 


Bergen Hall - SCAD (1926) Savannah, Georgia

  • Exterior conditions assessment
  • Selective exterior masonry repointing 
  • Cast stone sill replacement 


Glen Mary Plantation (1848) Sparta, Georgia

  • Extensive interior plaster restoration
  • Extensive interior decorative plaster restoration - from design to building to installation 
  • Installation of flat plaster


Owens Thomas House (1819) Savannah, Georgia 

  • Selective exterior stucco repair


St. Mary's White Chapel (1669) Lancaster, Virginia

  • Selective exterior masonry repointing
  • Restoration of pattress plates


Mercer Williams House (1868) Savannah, Georgia

  • Exterior masonry repointing
  • Exterior decorative iron fence repair and restoration


Harrington School House (1920s) St. Simon's Island, Georgia

  • Interior woodwork restoration


Ogeechee Barge Canal Lock (1830) Chatham County, Georgia

  • Selective masonry repointing
  • Cleaning of exterior masonry walls 
  • Restoration of canal wall 


Maggie L. Walker Historic Site - Richmond, Virginia

  • Exterior porch restoration
  • Interior woodwork restoration  


Magnolia Hall - SCAD (1878) Savannah, Georgia 

  • Oak wood parquet flooring restoration 


Eckberg Hall - SCAD (1892) Savannah, Georgia 

  • Roof framing repair


Norris Hall - SCAD (1858) Savannah, Georgia

  • Selective exterior masonry repointing and chimney preservation


Israel Dasher House (1844) 331 Barnard St., Savannah, Georgia

  • Interior staircase preservation


The Lodge - Little St. Simon's Island, Georgia  

  • Foundation repairs 
  • Exterior door restoration 


Ashantilly (1820) Darien GA

  • Repaired damaged plaster walls and ceiling due to water damage.
  • Restored sash window.