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window restoration + Master Plan

meadow garden - 1792

Augusta, GA

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home of a georgia revolutionary

Meadow Garden’s most prominent occupant was the Senator, Governor, Delegate to the Continental Congress, and youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence: George Walton.

The Georgia State Society Daughters of the American Revolution engaged Landmark Preservation to perform a thorough assessment of Meadow Garden and to create a master plan for the restoration and preservation of the building and site.

Countless hours of architectural study and archival research culminated in a 180-page master plan that included:

  • Complete Meadow Garden Timeline and Architectural Chronoglogy

  • Comprehensive Conditions Assessment

  • Capital Budget

  • Prioritization Schedule

  • Hand-rendered interpretations of historic periods

In addition to the Master Plan, Landmark Preservation also performed key physical restoration and analysis:

  • Complete restoration of all windows at Meadow Garden, including the replacement of al non-historic glass with restoration glass.

  • Historic Paint Analysis to ensure the accuracy of future restoration efforts.